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Little Adventures

Now the weather has sorted itself out and the mellow autumnal sun has returned for a while, it’s time to plan some little adventures.

I’m really lucky to live in a very beautiful part of England, I have woods and open farmland on my doorstep. But it can make me a bit lazy.

It’s all to easy to put off doing things or visiting places just because they are right there in front of you and there are always other things demanding your attention.

For me, the way around that is to plan small things. A Sunday morning walk in the woods, an evening ride on my bicycle or a visit to a museum or library on a Saturday when I’m already in town to do my grocery shopping. That way these pleasant things are easy to fit in alongside more mundane chores. We all have times when what we need is to flake out in front of the tv, but it is worth the effort to do more engaging things as often as possible. I remember reading a quote by a runner who said the hardest part of any run was putting on his running shoes. I think that applies to many things. But once that initial effort is made it all gets easier, and you feel really good after. So I hope you have some lovely little adventures this weekend.

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