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Wickedly Good Egg Mayonnaise

2 medium sized eggs, hard boiled and cooled

Mayonnaise, too taste

Mustard, too taste, (I was given this delicious Polish mustard, pictured below, along with some really good ham, by some friends, I highly recommend it).

Grated cheddar cheese, too taste

Toasted sesame seeds, too taste

Pinch of sea salt

Cut the eggs into halves and then add all the remaining ingredients. Mash together with a fork and then top a toasted and buttered bread roll with it (click on the menu button above for the bread roll recipe). Serve with a couple of slices of ham for a satisfying lunch.

To toast sesame seeds or any other seeds, heat gently in a dry frying pan for a few minutes whilst stirring, be careful not to let them burn. A good dash of Soy sauce really enhances the flavour.

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