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Chasing The Light

Sunshine at last!

It has been endlessly grey since September, well, that’s what it feels like to me. Dull and wet weather has dominated so far this winter, and although I love falling asleep to the sound of the rain and cloudy days can make for really atmospheric photographs, you can have a bit too much of the same thing!

So I was determined to make the most of today’s sunshine. I haven’t been out on my scooter as much as I intended over the Christmas Holidays, cold and damp is not ideal for scootering no matter how good your clothing.

I had a quick lunch of cheese and sweet pepper omlette and then hit the road.

I wanted to take some photos at a local beauty spot where, because it is common land, there are ponies and cattle roaming free. It also has the most gorgeous views across the county and into Wales.

Just visible through the mist on the horizon are Sugar Loaf Mountain and Blorenge.

This sweet boy was colour co-ordinated perfectly with his surroundings!

The ponies are pretty laid back about people and dogs, there are always lots of vistors here, but it is better to show the animals respect and approach with caution and not just assume they are going to be friendly!

It’s a pretty easy walk to the top of the hill with lovely views all around. The breeze was chilly but the gorgeous sunshine made up for it.

At the top, in amongst the 99 trees, are benches perfectly placed to enjoy the views.

I think it is always good to remember to put down your camera and phone and actually absorb the place you are in. Its very easy to get lost in looking for a perfect photo (something I have been guilty of), when perhaps we should be more intent on capturing these moments with our eyes and our memories.

Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny too, it never ceases to amaze me how much better good weather can make me feel and it definitely makes me feel more energized.

I hope you have good weather and the time to enjoy it wherever you are.

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