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I have a confession to make, just like Dracula, I can’t stand garlic!

I dislike onions too. The only alliums in my life and in my cooking are the ornamental garden ones, chives and very occasionally, the odd leek.

I appreciate not everyone feels the same way, I have friends and family who absolutely love the stuff (the weirdos!), so with that in mind, please add onions and garlic at will, to any of my recipes that you feel need it. The Beef and Red Wine Crumble springs to mind.

But that is the nature of cooking, you add and subtract to suit your taste and to what you have available in your cupboard and fridge.

With low-carb, experimentaion is essential to convert familiar dishes into ones that fit with this lifestyle. I don’t want to go without the foods I love and nor should you. The key is finding the appropriate substitues, and hopefully, the recipes on this blog are achieving that.

Percy is not keen on garlic either!

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