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Double Chocolate Cookies

Makes 8 large cookies

75g butter, room temperature and chopped

8 tbsp splenda

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 large egg

150g ground almonds

50g cocoa powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

20g dark chocolate chips

Preheat the oven to gas 3/160c/325f and line a large baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Cream together the butter, splenda and vanilla extract, then add the egg and combine well.

In a separate bowl mix together the ground almonds, cocoa powder, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda and then add to the butter and combine well.

Fold the chocolate chips into the cookie mixture with a spoon and then divide into 8 balls. Gently press down and flatten each one onto the baking tray, make sure to leave a gap between them.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Allow to cool before storing in an airtight container for up to 4 days.

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