Bits and Bobs

Spring Snapshots

I’ve been walking regularly over the last few weeks of the Lockdown, and it has been lovely to have the time to watch spring unfurl.

We have had some gorgeous weather, although today it is chilly and pouring rain!

Here are some of the photos from my walks, the Bluebells are particularly beautiful this year and smell amazing.

Male Fern
Wild Garlic, (Ramsons)
Ash tree growing from a old cottage wall

Orchid-Early Purple
Cuckoo flower
Wild Cherry blossom

Wild Daffodil
Dog Violet

Badger (I think!)
Wild Boar (maybe)
Fallow deer

I have also been working in my garden and have finally got round to painting my shed, it gone from dark green to elderflower. Percy approves!

Stay safe and healthy 🌈

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